The best fire resistance for decorative outdoor applications

HybridRED is the best decorative fire resistant coating product on the market for outdoor applications. HybridRED is a result of a long research of the use of ceramics in polymer chemistry. The findings resulted in a groundbreaking innovation, the HYBRID technology, enabling a compound of ceramic material and organic binders. HYBRID technology brought along another revolutionary innovation: a fire resistant technology based on ceramifying polymers.

HybridRED has a unique European market in railway industry because of the strict fire safety regulations of passenger rolling stock according to standard EN45545-2. HybridRED is the only decorative coating for the external body shell of passenger rolling stock, compliant with the requirements of the standard (EX1A, R7, HL3), but not compromising on mechanical strength or weatherability. HybridRED is unique on a worldwide scale.

Due to ceramification, hybridRED has outstanding fire protection properties; i.e. very low smoke generation, prolonged ignition times and minimized heat release rates. When exposed to fire, hybridRED forms a ceramic shield which is stable - unlike the carbon foam formed by an intumescent system. HybridRED is closer to incombustibility than any other coating solution.

HybridRED protects the rolling stock from corrosion, UV, weather and vandalism. Moreover, as a decorative solution it offers a smooth and gloss finish in any RAL color, or transparent.

HybridRED is the ultimate fire protection for inorganic substrates, and it also works on fire protected GRP panels. When fire protection is needed for an organic substrate, HybridRED can be complemented with an intumescent char which does not lead heat to the layers below. The only downside with the added intumescent system is that it reduces the gloss level of the coating.

Other applications for hybridRED are other passenger vehicles with fire safety regulations, or flammable industries, such as oil industry.

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